Benefits of Soft Sculpted Foam Play Areas

If you're new to the magical world of soft sculpted foam play elements, you’re in for a treat. These enchanting play structures instantly transport children to a fantastic atmosphere, encouraging open ended play and sparking the imagination. Since they captivate a variety of ages so well, even your early crawlers, families will be clamoring to return to your location again and again.  

See the magic for yourself with our full line up of sculpted play elements.


Larger Than Life 

Big imaginations need life sized play. And our sculpted play pieces aim to capture even the largest imaginations. Hop onto the back of a giant turtle and race through the water. Slither across the jungle floor with a friendly snake. Buckle up as you race through the woods chasing Harlow the bear.

Imagine all the adventures that children can take with each of our different play area lines.


Pieces are Playable Works of Art

Handcrafted Playable Art Sculptures 

Just because you’re installing a play area doesn’t mean it can’t add immense artistic value to your venue. These pieces are hand crafted and painted by our team of talented artists with immense attention to detail. Every play element adds magic to your space, bringing it to life like you’ve never imagined.

Think of your new play area pieces as stimulating art sculptures that kids love to play on.


Soft to the Touch  

We’ll admit it. It’s incredibly hard to capture how each of these pieces is actually soft to the touch. But when you get the chance to see it in person, you’ll be amazed. Each play element is coated with an extremely durable rubber-like substance that makes it uniquely soft and safe. 

Don’t let the exterior fool you though. They may have a soft exterior, but they are engineered to be exceptionally sturdy.


Built to Last 

We understand that investing into a play area is a large commitment. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials to craft extremely durable play structures. We design each piece to withstand the most rigorous play and high traffic environments.

When it comes to longevity, we know what we're doing. To date, we’ve installed over 400 soft sculpted play areas in shopping centers malls across the country with countless satisfied customers. 

To go even further, we back up our promise with a one-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re investing into a quality play system. 


Easy to Clean 

Maintaining a play area has never been easier. We craft our sculpted pieces with a natural antimicrobial surface that is easy to clean, ensuring a healthy play environment for kids. 


Great Sight Lines 

Parents want to give their children enough space to learn, yet still be able to keep a close eye on them while they explore. Our sculpted play areas may create a larger-than-life experience for children, but they offer great visibility for parents watching their young explorers. They give parents peace of mind that their child is safe while sharing in the enjoyment as they watch their children’s imagination come to life.


Appeal to Ages 6 months to 6 years

One of the biggest challenges that business or organizations have is creating a play area that appeals to a wide variety of ages. Luckily you can skip that challenge when you install one of our sculpted play areas. These pieces truly capture the imagination for kids as young as 6 months and keep them entertained all the way through age 6.


Attracts Customers & Repeat Business 

Play areas instantly enhances your brand as a family friendly establishment. Our playful sculptures are known for attracting customers, encouraging guests to stay longer, and even getting kids to request to visit your establishment again and again. 


ASTM & ADA Compliant 

Creating inclusive play areas is incredibly important. That's why all of our sculpted play areas are ADA and ASTM compliant. 


Ready to see our line up? Check out our different sculpted play element themes you can choose from