Designing Your Play Area

Adding a play area to your business is a great investment! And we are excited that you are considering our soft sculpted foam elements to delight the children in your life. Offering tremendous play value, our foam pieces are incredibly fun for ages as young as 6 months to six years. You’ll be amazed how long these pieces keep kids entertained. 

Not only do our whimsical play elements ignite the imagination, but they are also incredibly easy to build into even the smallest play areas.

If you’re designing a play area for the first time, you’re in the right place. We’re going to walk you through each aspect you’ll need to consider. You’ll be opening up for play in no time.


Measure Your Space

Out of the gate, you’ll need to identify where you are putting your play area. Knowing the square footage of your play area will be key to selecting your play equipment.

Grab a measuring tape, drawing pad or graph paper, and pencil. Measure out your space and chart out the dimensions. Note which areas have walls and which spaces are open. That will be important in the next step.



Now that you know where your play equipment is going, it’s time to select your play pieces. It’s important that you build enough space between each element to create a safe environment and comply with the recommended safety guidelines.

We like to call this the play zone. 

  • Elements Taller than 12 Inches:
    • Maintain a minimum of 36 inches between the elements.
  • Elements Shorter than 12 Inches:
    • Maintain a spacing of 6 inches to 12 inches.
  • Proximity to a wall or hard surface:
    • Maintain a minimum of 44 inches from a wall or other hard surface.
    • If this spacing cannot be achieved, a wall pad or additional safety floor padding should be installed.

    On your drawing, note a 44in around the walls to build a safe play area. Then you can start adding in play elements and their play zones to your drawing.

    See example play area layouts here


    Selecting Flooring 

    To ensure a safe play area, you’ll need to install your play equipment on flooring approved for indoor play areas. All of our sculpted pieces need to be installed on safety flooring with a 4ft critical fall height.  

    We recommend No Fault's 2.5" modular tile flooring. The dense recycled rubber composition tiles are easy to install, easy to maintain, and provide a clean, safe environment with a 4ft-6ft fall rating. 

    If you’re looking for a custom offering, contact us today. We sell fun themed flooring systems, both carpeted and pour in place designed to keep your play area safe and enjoyable to look at. 


    Installing Your Sculpted Play Equipment

    Installation is simple. Once you have your flooring in place, place your play elements where you plan to install them. Use a measuring tape to double check your play zones. Note where each element goes. 

    Hook and Loop velcro

    Included in your shipment is an industrial hook and loop Velcro adhesive. If you are securing your play element to the No Fault modular tiles or non-carpeted safety flooring, you will need to use both sides of the Velcro. If you are securing it to carpet, you will only need to use the hook Velcro. The hook Velcro secures elements directly to carpet.

    Peeling the tape off of velcro

    Roll the sculpture over so you can access the bottom of it. Peel the tape and stick the hook Velcro to the bottom of the play element. If you are securing the play element to non-carpeted safety flooring, you will need to take the loop Velcro and stick it to the hook side of the Velcro. Peel the tape off the loop Velcro. It will adhere to the floor once you turn the play element back over.

    Adding velcro tape to your play sculpture

    Install your pieces in the position you had previous marked by flipping the piece over. Pay close attention not to make contact with the floor before you have the piece right where it needs to be. 

    Installing your sculpted element.

    Gently push the piece to secure the connection. 

    It’s that simple.