Easily Keep Soft Sculpted Play Areas Clean

Let’s face it: kids carry germs, and lots of them. We keep this in mind by using a smooth and nonporous coating, so no germs collect on them. Soft, safe and durable, our soft sculpted play structures are certified antibacterial and fungal resistant (we use ASTM G21, E2180 materials). In addition, with the use of simple cleaning products, you can play it extra safe and wipe away any potential germs without harming the product’s surface.


Make sure to use non-toxic cleaning products safe for playground equipment. The product should be able to remove any germs that transmit bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Next, choose whether you need to sanitize or disinfect your public playground equipment. The CDC explains the difference between the two terms:

  • Sanitizing: Reducing the number of germs on a surface to a safe amount.
  • Disinfecting: Completely eliminating germs on a surface.

Follow applicable sanitizing and disinfecting guidelines to comply with any Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safety standards and keep your playground safe.


If you notice certain areas of the playground that need cleaning throughout the day, you can spot clean to keep your play equipment in excellent condition. Spot cleaning helps keep up with streaky windows, muddy stairs, and other signs of heavy use.


At Soft Play, we use a proprietary process called PlaySoft™. After we produce foam-sculpted playground equipment, we coat it with a rubber-like substance. That coating is durable and naturally antimicrobial. Our smooth-finish PlaySoft™ coating has ASTM certification. Indoor play areas with these coated elements ensure a healthier play experience for kids.

PlaySoft™ equipment is the perfect solution for business owners who want kids to have fun playing in a healthy environment. You can even add signage to explain the advantages of your antimicrobial play elements, which families will appreciate. Every customer wants to know the businesses they support care about them. Installing antimicrobial equipment and cleaning it regularly shows you are dedicated to the health and safety of your patrons.