How to Receive Your Freight Delivery

Freight deliveries are different than your typical consumer deliveries. If you've never received freight shipments before, there are several things to consider in preparation for your delivery. 


The first thing you'll notice on at checkout options is the option to add lift gate delivery. A lift gate is piece of equipment installed at the back of the truck that enables it to lift shipments from the ground to the truck-bed or lower them from the tailgate to the ground. This feature is not standard on every delivery truck. 

Many facilities have loading dock or shipping bays that allow a standard semi-trailer or container to backup directly to the loading bay and unload deliveries seamlessly. Some facilities have access to a forklift.  If your facility has either a forklift or a loading dock, the standard shipping option works for your delivery.

If you don't have one of those options available, we recommend opting for lift gate for our larger sculpted pieces. 


Deliveries will be during regular business hours. Typically you will be contacted in advance to be given a slotted time for your delivery. They will use the phone number associated with your shipping information. 

We recommend tracking your delivery on the freight shipper's website with the reference number supplied when your order is fulfilled to stay up to date. 

As many of the play elements are large pieces, it's recommended to have additional people on site to help unload and setup your play area.  


Before you sign the Proof of Delivery (POD), it's essential to thoroughly inspect your shipment. Do not sign the POD until you've inspected your shipment. Signing the POD prior to inspecting your pieces will inhibit your ability to file a shipping claim for missing or damaged pieces. 

First you need to ensure you received all the expected packages, as noted on the bill. Next, visually inspect the outside of your shipments to identify any damage done in transit. Then open your shipment and look for any noticeable damages. 

If everything is as expected, sign your POD. 

If there are any damages or aspects that don't appear correct, make sure to take photos. Note any discrepancies on the POD. If you are noting any damage or missing shipments, be sure to also note if you used a lift gate service on the POD. Once you note any issues with your order on the POD, sign the paperwork to accept the shipment.