Early Childhood Learning Centers

Attention Educators! 

Is your current play equipment captivating kids’ attention day after day?

Parents are looking for safe, fun environments for their kids to learn and thrive. And early learning centers seek to create a place where kids can develop key skills, spark creativity, and inspire a lifelong love of learning.






But traditional play elements struggle to maintain kids’ attention day in and day out. And to add to that, many kids have the same play elements at home.


That’s where the magic of sculpted foam play elements comes in.


Adding a Soft Play signature piece takes learning to a deeper level, sparking cognitive, social, and emotional based play day in and day out.



A Soft Play soft foam sculpted play area can:

  • Create engaging environments that captivate children, keeping them happy and active.
  • Build rich storytelling into the play experience, creating stronger social connections and strengthening interactions with classmates. Watch as kids weave the animals and classmates into their play narratives.
  • Ignite inspiring self-confidence as kids push their risk-taking skills and test their problem-solving abilities.
  • Engage kids as young as six months all the way up to 6 years, increasing value of the equipment as multiple classrooms use it.
  • Cultivate a lifelong love of learning by sparking imaginative play at an early age.
  • Provide great sightlines, allowing teachers to keep an eye on kids from anywhere in the classroom. This gives kids more freedom to explore and develop their skills and independence.
  • Inspire kids to tell their parents captivating tales at the dinner table of the frog they dodged or the bear they rode.
  • Stand out to parents when they tour your facility.


Captivate kids without the hassle!

Not only will a sculpted foam play area captivate children for longer, creating opportunity for imaginative play and crucial skill development, but it will also be the easiest equipment to maintain in your center!

  • Sculpted foam play elements are incredibly durable, holding up to high traffic environments.
  • Keeping kids healthy is crucial. We craft our sculpted elements with a naturally antimicrobial material, keeping those pesky germs at bay and making cleaning a cinch.
  • Our sculpted play elements are ADA and ASTM compliant, ensuring an inclusive and safe play area for all children.
  • Purchase knowing you’re getting quality. We back our superior craftsmanship with Soft Play’s 1 Year Limited Warranty, ensuring that our products will be free from defects and fit for high traffic play areas.

Inspire Deeper, More Imaginative, Play with a Signature Sculpted Element Today


Your early learning center can spark cognitive and social play day in and day out

with magical sculpted play areas as they inspire a more imaginative style of play. Kids are magnetically drawn to these play areas unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

And the learning opportunities are endless.

It’s time for you to leverage the power of sculpted play elements to inspire the next generation.

Shop our sculpted foam collections.