Family Entertainment Centers

Attention Family Entertainment Centers! 

Families are eager to get out and create new, memorable play experiences, and you’re ready to welcome them back into your location. But, after a year of families stockpiling toys to entertain their kids, businesses must elevate their play experiences to draw families in. 

That’s where the magic of sculpted foam play areas comes in.

Adding a Soft Play signature piece takes a play space to the next level, creating family memories they can't get at home. Kids are magnetically drawn to these play areas unlike anything you’ve ever seen.



A Soft Play soft foam sculpted play area can:

  • Draw parents back out to entertainment centers by providing a unique play experience that parents can’t create at home.
  • Captivate children’s attention for longer, increasing the length of stay while justifying admission costs.
  • Entertain kids as young as six months all the way up to 6 years, attracting more families into your venue.
  • Build rich storytelling into the play experience, creating stronger social connections and strengthening interactions.  
  • Provide great sight lines, meaning that parents can see their kids from a distance. This gives kids more freedom to explore and develop their independence.
  • Build brand recognition and loyalty for your specific destination as kids request to return to the place where they got to ride the tiger or steer the boat over the ocean.
  • And spark countless word of mouth referrals by creating an experience parents (and kids) can’t help but tell their friends about.


Captivate kids without the hassle!

Not only will a sculpted foam play area captivate children for longer, creating an unbeatable draw to your facility, but it will also be the easiest equipment to maintain in your venue!

  • Sculpted foam play elements are incredibly durable, holding up to high traffic environments;
  • We craft our sculpted elements with a naturally antimicrobial material, keeping those pesky germs at bay and making cleaning a cinch;
  • Our sculpted play elements are ADA and ASTM compliant, ensuring a safe play area for all.
  • Purchase knowing you’re getting quality. We back our superior craftsmanship with Soft Play’s 1 Year Limited Warranty, ensuring that our products will be free from defects and shall be fit for their intended purpose.

Discover Your Sales Increasing Play Area Today

Malls have been using Soft Play’s soft foam sculpted play areas to draw families

in, increase linger time, and catapult revenue for decades. Fast food franchises have become known for their signature Soft Play contained play areas, becoming magnets for families.

There is revenue driving magic that happens when retailers install sculpted play areas.

It’s time for you to leverage the power of sculpted play elements to a drive record attendance year.

Shop our sculpted foam collections.