Why Soft Sculpted Foam

Soft Play is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and staffed by a skilled team of sculptors, artists, carpenters and metal fabricators to bring your design into existence.

All of our products are hand sculpted out of our Englewood, Colorado facility. Our dedicated team of artists ensurers that every piece is meets our rigorous standards.  

Our creative services include:

  • 3D modeling: Our artists use the latest computer software to turn your ideas into 3D models, whether your playground concept is drawn on paper or only exists in your imagination. Our craftsmen then use these models to bring your idea to life.
  • Digital: We are dedicated to following the latest technological advancements so we can design and create state-of-the-art experiences for our clients and their customers. Through lighting and electronics, we are able to incorporate interactivity into our creations to keep your customers excited. Many people expect their favorite business to offer modern elements, and with us, you can exceed their expectations.
  • Sculpt: Our components begin with a block of recycled styrofoam. Our craftsmen skillfully hand-sculpt each element based on the 3D models of your design. With our 100,000-square-foot warehouse, a team of specialty sculptors and sophisticated manufacturing technology, we’re able to craft your play sculpture design on short notice, and in high volume.
  • Fiberglass: As one of the top fiberglass manufacturers in the industry, we’re proud to design and produce custom sculptures and architectural elements. Whether you wish to turn a corner of your retail space into a whimsical palace or a one-of-a-kind landscape from your dreams, we have the experience, molding capabilities and passion for taking on the challenge. 
  • Paint: You can see the artistry and pride when you look at a Soft Play creation. Thanks to our skilled airbrush artists, no two pieces are the same. Your customers will appreciate the truly custom play equipment you’ve installed especially for them.
  • Mold creation: Our mold and casting department is equipped with the necessary materials to produce high-quality, molded components to bring this project to completion quickly.